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Who are we? - What do we do? (updated October, 2012)

Feltham Associates Limited was formed in early 1991 to meet a growing market demand for the provision of independent and experienced advice and services relating to the procurement and management of healthcare diagnostic service department computer systems. The company has particularly unrivalled specialist marketing and consultancy skills in global aspects of laboratory computerisation

The company is a well established, focused and steadily expanding healthcare consultancy offering:

  • Independent and professional advice based on almost 30 years direct healthcare IT experience

  • In-depth understanding of the needs of the healthcare pathology and radiology markets

  • Practical assistance derived from detailed knowledge and experience

  • Online outline advice and general experiences

  • Development of information strategies and solutions

  • Proven track record

  • Independent of commercial suppliers and vendors

  • Web design services


Our primary areas of expertise

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IM&T and Informatics Consultancy

We deliver the knowledge and expertise regarding information needs, laboratory and radiology computer systems applications and the supporting infrastructure. Our consultants have specialist expertise in all aspects of diagnostic service departmental information systems and their role in both primary care and the acute sector of the UK health service. Our management services include:

A major part of our business is helping Trusts plan the strategic information and computer needs of their pathology laboratory (i.e. biochemistry, haematology, blood transfusion, microbiology, virology, serology, immunology, histopathology and cytology incl. cervical smears) and radiology services. Our experience in this key healthcare business enables our staff to provide valuable, cost effective advice and project management.

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Internet Business Services

Our Internet Services
Growth in Internet business services has been phenomenal and in line with the massive growth in the number of people and businesses using this world-wide network. The full advantages of e-commerce have not yet
been fully realised by the Health Services in the UK because of security and confidentiality issues.  Our services include:

  • Strategic Advice
  • Benefits Realisation
  • Intranet Planning Services
  • Operational Support and Training Facilities
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Marketing to your customers
  • Staff and Customer Information Networks

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Web Design Services
Making an impact on the web is not easy. We are pleased to design sites for anyone. We need to get to know your business or you personally so before starting work we consult you to determine:

Once these factors are determined and agreed, a written quotation is provided together with a proposed schedule. This schedule includes dates for showing initial design work (plus possibly later stages) to ensure that all parties approve the general appearance.

Once completed and agreed, the web pages are uploaded to a host service provider site arranged by Feltham Associates or provided by the client. Relevant details are submitted to five of the popular search services to ensure that the new site is readily found by those searching for the services or products it publicises.

Once the web pages have been published, it is essential that the information they contain does not remain static or become stale. Web pages need to be routinely audited, the contents checked and where necessary updated with new information, new graphics and, possibly, additional pages. Your site can be updated on a regular basis with Feltham Associates contributing as mutually agreed.

These web design services are charged on a "banded" basis using three levels:

Please do visit some of our customer sites to see the different styles, content etc.  Our Graphics Designers are only limited by your imagination. Technology is not the limitation.

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Vendor Support

Helping suppliers of diagnostic information systems to the NHS maximise the impact of their products and services in this increasingly competitive market. Tubes_small.gif (7119 bytes)

  • Independent, confidential marketing advice based on many years of direct UK clinical experience
  • UK NHS market briefings & entry analysis
  • UK and EC procurement and supplies guidance
  • Critical appraisal of product development/investment
  • Human Resource recruitment and assessment for both sales and support positions
  • Market orientation and updates on current legislative issues
  • Critical appraisal of proposals to ensure high quality, clear responses specific to the client
  • Advice on proposal writing (should be strong sales documents not technical dissertations)
  • Market surveys and client satisfaction analyses
  • Comparative competitor product functionality reviews
  • Critical appraisal of product implementations
  • Procurement - post implementation and post mortem reviews
  • Identification of potential commercial partners and distributors


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Definition of the needs of all laboratory staff from the operational level through to senior management. Training in general management, information use, systems and business planning.
  • Training needs assessment
  • Management training
  • Customised training course design and delivery for all pathology or radiology professions and grades
  • Course preparation and presentation
  • Help and advice in the effective use of laboratory information management
  • Support and training for specialist and off-the shelf software use
  • Leading training seminars and workshops

How can you contact Feltham Associates?
Carlton House, Kibworth Hall Park, Kibworth Harcourt, Leicestershire, UK LE8 0PE
Tel : +44 116 279 3232 - Fax : +44 116 279 2473 - Mobile: 07771 967323

email : Webmaster

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