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LIMS News - Market Update (Page last updated October, 2012)

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bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) TalkingPoint for Pathology (January, 2012)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) iSOFT sale to CSC approved (July, 2011)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) iSOFT up for sale after poor sales performance (April, 2011)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Intersystems wins All Wales LIMS project worth £12.1m  (July, 2010)     
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) CliniSys Winpath solution for Barnsley and Rotherham (January, 2009)      
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Roche Diagnostics purchases Swisslab (November, 2008)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Sunquest Information Systems acquires Anglia Healthcare (November, 2008)      
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) vision4health acquires MOLIS from Sysmex  (May, 2008)         
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) IBA Health acquires iSOFT   (November, 2007)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Misys sells Sunquest LIMS software to Vista Equity Partners (October, 2007)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) iSOFT set to recommend IBA's new offer to shareholders  (September, 2007)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Intersystems acquires TrakHealth (and LabTrak) (May 2007)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Integrated Software Solutions (OMNI-Lab) incorporated (2007)          
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) iSOFT announces UK contract agreements  (August, 2006)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Clinisys clinical software business on market for £60 to £70 million  (August, 2006)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Technidata win Hammersmith multi-site Blood Bank contract  (January 2006)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Clinisys acquires diabetic software business  (December 2005)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Clinisys acquires MIPS laboratory systems  (July 2005)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Feltham Associates carries out major LIMS survey across UK NHS  (June 2005)  
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Technidata launch TD-Synergy® (April 2005)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Clinisys finally acquire Torex LIMS (March 2005)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) OFT clears CliniSys to acquire Torex LIMS business  (Feb. 2005)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) UK contracts awarded for laboratory information systems   (February 2005)  
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) UCLH selects CoPathPlus from Misys to enhance pathology operations  (Jan. 2005)  
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Health Protection Agency Central Reference Labs go live on Sysmex MOLIS  (Dec. 2004)    
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) TietoEnator has acquired laboratory systems from InformationsLogik   (Dec. 2004)
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OFT invites comments on proposed acquisition of Torex's LIMS business  (Nov. 2004)

bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) CliniSys - the new name for Sysmed  (September 2004)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) iSOFT agree with OFT to divest Torex LIMS as merger goes ahead (July 2004)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Sysmed acquisitions and new orders (March 2004)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) QuadraMed acquires Détente Systems (February 2004)                                                                     update.gif (1265 bytes)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Triple G to be acquired by GE Medical in $CDN 74m deal (June 2003)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) TECHNIDATA in the UK (May 2003)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Triple G selected for Avon Virtual Pathology Service  (May 2003)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) iSOFT re-brand APEX to be i.Laboratory (April 2003)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Sysmed launched as re-badged UK LIMS supplier (April 2003)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Triple G delay beta testing of new ORACLE LIMS  (February 2003)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Department of Health's vision for UK pathology services (June 2002)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) iSOFT acquires Northgate healthcare business (June 2002)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Torex acquires Berkeley Computer Services (May 2002)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Two multi-site UK LIMS contracts announced (March 2002)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Sonic Healthcare Ltd acquires The Doctors Laboratory (March 2002)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) MISYS announces formation of new healthcare division (January 2002)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Torex Health launches PROSIGHT laboratory management system (Sept. 2001)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Sysmex announces joint venture with Delphic (September 2001)
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Connect Programme - Pathology Messsaging Implementation Project
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Overview of European and North American laboratory information systems
bd14565_.gif (183 bytes) Future laboratory computing trends


GHG Software (Milton Keynes) and VoicePower (Harrogate), long-established suppliers of speech recognition to NHS Acute Trusts, have joined forces to accelerate implementation of TalkingPoint for Pathology nationally. The outstanding recognition accuracy of the Dragon Medical speech engine, combined with the intuitive TalkingPoint workflow, enables Histopathology reporting directly by voice, removing the transcription process, saving money and providing near instantaneous turnaround.

TalkingPoint for Pathology has been integrated with iSOFT (i.Laboratory i.e. Apex, i.Lab TP etc), CliniSys (WinPath, LabCentre), Technidata, TrakCare Lab, Meditech and other LIMS systems incl. CoPath, and is operating at 20 NHS Trusts.

Speech Reporting can be difficult to set up properly but has a clear ROI.

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iSOFT sale to CSC approved (July, 2011)

The European Commission (EC) has approved CSC’s acquisition of healthcare software maker iSOFT.

The acquisition was announced earlier this year after iSoft suspended shares and put itself up for sale. Many believed the deal was necessary for CSC to preserve its contracts with the NHS, which have recently been slammed by the National Audit Office (NAO) as bad value for money. 

The proposed transaction mainly gives rise to a vertical and conglomerate link between CSC and iSOFT since they operate at different levels in the IT industry. As a prime contractor for healthcare IT management services, CSC may source healthcare software such as that offered by iSOFT. Alternatively, CSC and iSOFT IT products and services are used complementarily by healthcare providers.

The Commission therefore examined the proposed transaction impact on access to healthcare software for competitors of CSC and on access to a sufficient customer base for competitors of iSOFT. The main effects of the proposed transaction are in the UK.

The investigation demonstrated that there are sufficient alternative healthcare softwares developed by competitors of iSOFT with which CSC competitors can partner.

In the UK market, the proposed transaction will not restrict competing healthcare software providers’ access to a sufficient customer base, due to the sophistication and buyer power of customers of CSC healthcare IT services which maintain a high degree of discretion as to their healthcare software provider. CSC further faces strong competitive constraints from alternative IT service providers such as British Telecom which may partner with alternative healthcare software providers.

The Commission therefore concluded that the proposed concentration would not significantly impede effective competition in the European Economic Area (EEA) 1or any substantial part of it.

The transaction was notified to the Commission for regulatory clearance in the EEA on 12 May 2011.

Final approval was ratified by the Australian Stock Exchange on 29 July 2011.


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iSOFT up for sale after poor shares performance (April, 2011)

iSOFT announced on 24 March 2011 that trading in its shares would be suspended pending a corporate announcement. Subsequently on 4 April, the company announced that it was recommending a cash offer from Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)This follows a lengthy period when the share price of iSOFT shares hovered in single digits of Australian cents.

The acquisition will complement and strengthen CSC’s market-leading software products and healthcare integration and services portfolio, while enhancing its healthcare research and development capabilities. It will also accelerate CSC’s strategic growth plan in the Life Sciences market and reinforce the company as a very strong player in healthcare information technology.  The offer to iSOFT shareholders is at A$0.17 per share in cash.

iSOFT currently supports three Laboratory Information Management Systems in the UK (i.Laboratory, i.Laboratory-TP, and i.Laboratory- TP2000), and another in Germany (the former Lauffenberg ProSight product)..

About CSC

CSC is a global leader in providing technology-enabled solutions and services through three primary lines of business. These include Business Solutions and Services, the Managed Services Sector and the North American Public Sector. CSC’s advanced capabilities include system design and integration, information technology and business process outsourcing, applications software development, Web and application hosting, mission support and management consulting. The company has been recognized as a leader in the industry, including being named by FORTUNE Magazine as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies for Information Technology Services (2011). Headquartered in Falls Church, Va., CSC has approximately 93,000 employees and reported revenue of $16.2 billion for the 12 months ended December 31, 2010. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.csc.com.

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Intersystems wins All Wales LIMS project worth £12.1m  (July, 2010) 

Intersystems have announced that NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) has selected them to supply TrakCare LabTM as a national Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

Welsh Assembly Government funding of £12.1m will be used to implement the InterSystems LIMS which will cater for over 21 million tests a year across 18 separate laboratories across the seven Welsh regional boards and a population of approximately 3 million. The laboratory data will be stored in the InterSystems Caché database to provide users with contribute to an Individual Care Record for patients in the NHS in Wales.

TrakCare Lab will facilitate the standardisation of increase the capacity and flexibility to meet future demand and new developments, and will be replacing LIMS from iSOFT (i.Laboratory and TelePath) and CliniSys (LabCentre). Compared with these existing laboratory systems, the centrally managed TrakCare Lab solution will reduce costs for support and maintenance. These projected savings include a 50% reduction in data maintenance and extraction costs, and 30% reduction in analyser interface costs.

The main objectives for this programme are:

InterSystems Corporation is a worldwide leader in software for connected healthcare. With headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and offices in 24 countries, InterSystems provides advanced software technologies for breakthrough applications.  InterSystems TrakCare™ is a connected healthcare information system that is Web-based and rapidly delivers the benefits of an Electronic Patient Record. 
TrakCare Lab is designed to streamline the diverse activities across all disciplines for the smallest to largest laboratories. Integral to TrakCare Lab is InterSystems Ensemble, a platform for integration and the development of connectable applications, which will provide interoperability between the pathology service and other local and national systems.

"We are delighted to be part of this innovative programme, using TrakCare Lab to deliver breakthroughs in patient outcomes, laboratory performance and clinician communications," said Kerry Stratton, Managing Director, Healthcare, InterSystems.

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CliniSys Winpath solution for Barnsley and Rotherham (January, 2009)

The Rotherham and Barnsley NHS Foundation Trusts have contracted jointly to buy a new LIMS.  This replaces the Sunquest LIMS at Barnsley and the Trent Phoenix/iSOFT CILMS system at Rotherham.

The two trusts established a joint pathology laboratory across the two Trust in 2007, and a new combined LIMS was essential to maximise efficiency and financial savings.

A shared Winpath laboratory information management system from CliniSys will now be installed and will be interfaced to existing IT systems for the two Trusts.  The two trusts chose to purchase the CliniSys LIMS utilising the Additional Supply Capability and Capacity framework contract, instead of waiting for local service provider Computer Sciences Corporation to deliver an iSOFT LIMS.

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Roche Diagnostics purchases Swisslab, a leading German LIMS (November, 2008)

Roche Diagnostics continues to pursue an end-to-end integration solution with its announced purchase of Swisslab GmbH, the leading German LIMS vendor of Swisslab™. 

With the growing trend towards consolidation of hospitals and laboratories, distributed, high performance laboratory information systems are becoming increasingly important, making a highly significant contribution to efficient and cost-effective laboratory diagnostics. With the acquisition of Swisslab, Roche will become an international leader in the supply of software solutions for in-vitro diagnostics, gaining a leading position in the European market for laboratory information systems. Roche will now be better able to meet its customers needs by offering – in addition to the leading Roche laboratory diagnostics systems – highly efficient integrated IT solutions and services for university laboratories, large laboratories, medical diagnostic service companies and laboratory networks. The Swisslab laboratory information management system (LIMS) for large laboratories will complement Roche’s existing Cobas IT 5000 solution for small and medium-sized laboratories.

Below is an excerpt from the press release:

Roche and Swisslab GmbH, Berlin, announced today that Roche is to acquire all the shares in Swisslab GmbH. The transaction is expected to be completed in the first half of 2009. Through this acquisition, Roche is seeking to expand its portfolio of fully integrated solutions for laboratory diagnostics, including the increasingly important information technology systems. The laboratory information system Swisslab, together with the LAURIS module, permits highly efficient management of laboratory processes and diagnostic data in large core laboratories and in specialty laboratories concerned with areas such as microbiology, blood banks, newborn screening, pathology, histology, transfusion management, genetics and HLA typing, as well as point-of-care integration and quality management....With the acquisition of Swisslab, Roche will become an international leader in the supply of software solutions for in-vitro diagnostics, gaining a leading position in the European market for laboratory information systems.

Swisslab GmbH  is the leading provider of Laboratory Information Systems in Germany. Since 1979 the company has been dedicated to developing technology solutions for the medical laboratory. Swisslab™ is the most comprehensive solution available on the German market, with installations in over 200 installations in university clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centres and independent physicians, and it is responsible for generating over 150,000 laboratory diagnostic reports per day.

Does this indicate that Roche will be offering a Swisslab LIMS solution to UK customers as well as consolidating laboratory automation across the rest of Europe?

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Sunquest Information completes acquisition of UK-based Anglia Healthcare (November, 2008)

Sunquest Information Systems has informed that the company has completed acquisition of UK-based Anglia Healthcare Systems (AHSL), a leading provider of laboratory connectivity, orders, reporting and messaging solutions.

From 10 November 2008 onwards, Anglia will be a subsidiary of Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. 

Sunquest signed a definitive agreement on 27 October, 2008 to acquire AHSL as part of its stated strategy to increase its global presence and strengthen its outreach and physician affinity strategy for the international market. 

With the latest move, Sunquest will be able to better create new business opportunities and facilitate better communications between hospitals, laboratories, physicians, communities, and patients. 

Sunquest Information Systems, Inc., is a global market leader in clinical data management solutions with nearly 1300 hospitals and commercial laboratories using its products worldwide. 


Sunquest Information Systems, the US specialist in laboratory and diagnostic information systems, has completed the acquisition of Anglia Healthcare Systems.

Anglia, which had been privately-held, is a UK company providing laboratory connectivity, orders, reporting and messaging products. As of Monday the firm became a subsidiary of Sunquest Information Systems, Inc.

The completion of the deal follows the signing of a definitive agreement on 27 October, for Sunquest to acquire Anglia.

Sunquest says that by combining its best-of-suite LIS solutions with a complementary and comprehensive set of solutions, it will be able to enable better communications between hospitals, laboratories, physicians, communities, and patients.

In the UK Anglia has been best known for its ICE products, which had been offered as a relatively low cost order requesting and communications tool that can interact with a wide range of third party laboratory information system, patient administration systems and radiology information systems. ICE systems are installed at 175 sites in the UK, Ireland and Denmark.

ICE Desktop is now the most widely installed order communication and reporting system in the UK, said to be installed in over 60 acute NHS trusts.

Following the acquisition Anglia ICE, now Sunquest ICE, may provide Sunquest with a strategic bridgehead from which to upsell existing customers into its core LIS and diagnostics information sytems product family, and an affordable entry point for new customers.

“We are pleased to welcome the Anglia customers and employees to the Sunquest family,” Richard Atkin, president and CEO of Sunquest Information Systems, Inc., said in a statement. “This is the beginning of a very exciting future together as we fulfill our mutual commitment to solutions innovation, market leadership, and industry-leading customer service.”

“As a customer of both companies, I am extremely excited about the acquisition,” commented Shelley McIndoe, Head of ICT at Dorset County Hospital Foundation Trust. “By combining Anglia’s innovative culture with Sunquest’s strengths in implementation, support and their commitment to UK and international market growth, the winners will be customers and patients.”

“Our first priority going forward is to meet with our customers in the UK and Western Europe to reiterate our unwavering commitment to provide them with the industry’s leading solutions and customer service,” said David Allcock, vice president of Sunquest’s London-based international operations.

Jon Hoeksma


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vision4health acquires MOLIS LIMS software from Sysmex   (May, 2008)

Technology leader in lab diagnostics software achieves Europe-wide market penetration with acquired division

April 28, 2008. Effective immediately, vision4health has acquired the MOLIS laboratory information system division from the Japanese SYSMEX Group. The Company, set up in 2007 and specialising in software solutions for diagnostic applications, will take over approximately 150 customer installations right across Europe with the tried, tested and proven software solution. The addition of 80 employees in Germany , France , the Benelux countries, the UK , Switzerland and Austria will quickly turn vision4health, which to date has been predominantly active in the German-speaking countries, into a global player in the international lab software market.

“vision4health will guarantee MOLIS users the best possible long-term support for their everyday work,” explains vision4health Managing Director, Andreas Kumbroch. “In our care4IT product suite they will also find attractive add-on modules, which can be easily integrated into the MOLIS environment at any time.” As a diagnostics software of the latest generation, care4IT is designed to meet the constantly increasing requirements for software solutions in lab management and other diagnostics areas. In combination with MOLIS, it supports complex processes and bodies of rules and regulations in order to optimise the processes in all diagnostic disciplines and forms of organisation.

“Equally important as the software, however, are the target-oriented organisational consulting and the practical implementation of the solution,” emphasises Stefan Steiner, who, together with Kumbroch, is a managing director of the group of companies now based in Wilen (Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland). “With the highly qualified and experienced industry experts of our enlarged team, we can now offer both without restriction and close to the customer across the whole of Europe .”

About vision4health
vision4health was set up in June 2007 with the objective of developing and internationally marketing next generation software solutions for lab-related diagnostic applications. The company’s corporate culture is based on the close cooperation of highly experienced, best-in-class software specialists with national and international users. The care4IT product suite developed according to this principle and the MOLIS laboratory information system added in 2008, are therefore “Software by Experts for Experts” in the most literal sense. Together they cover the entire diagnostics field with all of its specialists requirements. In addition to software solutions, vision4health also offers its customers comprehensive services from one single source - from first appraisal to daily support.

Contact in UK:

vision4health Laufenberg & Co. (Schweiz), The Barn House, Salthill Road, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 3PY 

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Sunquest software sold by Misys to Vista Equity Partners (October, 2007)

Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. (“Sunquest”) is a leading provider of clinical and financial software solutions for the healthcare industry. The company designs, develops, and supports a comprehensive suite of information products for hospitals and commercial laboratories that include best-of-breed laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy software systems. 

For over twenty-five years, the company has been dedicated to providing software solutions that enable quality patient care, clinical safety, and operational efficiencies. The Sunquest Laboratory™ system was recognized as "Best in KLAS" by the industry for the past three years. Sunquest’s solutions are deployed in over 1,200 U.S. hospitals and commercial laboratories and at over 60 customers in Canada, the UK, Western Europe, and the Middle-East. 

The company is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with operations in Tucson, AZ and Bangalore, India.

Vista Equity Partners Fund III completed a buyout of Sunquest in October of 2007.

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IBA completes acquisition of iSOFT  (31 October 2007)

IBA Health’s acquisition of iSOFT became effective yesterday after the final sanction by the High Court of Justice for England and Wales. The unification of these two health-focused organisations will create one of the world’s largest healthcare IT providers.

Mr Cohen, Executive Chairman of IBA Health, said, “Our vision is to lead IBA Health and iSOFT to prominence on the global stage under the brand of the IBA Health Group.Our immediate priorities are to integrate and invest in the businesses and focus on growth opportunities. The merger removes the financial uncertainty surrounding iSOFT but additionally provides a strong balance sheet for sustained investments in the enlarged business.

“There is significant potential for the group to move into untapped markets and to offer a wider range of products and services to a greater number of customers. Immediately, we have the opportunity to cross-sell IBA and iSOFT applications to a customer base of 13,000 customers in over 35 countries. We also have greater geographic reach and a greater capacity to service our customers and to deliver systems more economically through regional centres.

“IBA and iSOFT’s products are currently being implemented by leading healthcare providers in over 35 countries.Through our centres of excellence based in India, together with over 3,500 health and IT professionals, we will continue to develop these products to provide advanced, adaptable and highly cost-effective platforms that will assist healthcare providers to deliver efficient and safe care.”

IBA and iSOFT will continue to play a key role in the ground-breaking UK National Programme for IT by working with Computer Sciences Corporation to deliver the LORENZO platform to three-fifths of the NHS in England.

Mr Cohen added, “With a rich product portfolio and the emerging LORENZO platform we have the foundations for generating significant growth.”

A recommendation to change IBA Health’s name to the IBA Health Group Ltd will be made at IBA’s Annual General Meeting scheduled for November 30.

iSOFT set to recommend IBA's offer (September, 2007)

Sydney – Thursday, 30 August 2007– IBA Health Limited (ASX: IBA) –Australia's largest listed eHealth company, today announced that iSOFT Group plc (LSE: IOT) (“iSOFT”) intends to recommend the IBA cash offer to iSOFT shareholders and will proceed with the steps necessary to implement the IBA offer by way of scheme of arrangement. 

The announcement by iSOFT advises that a competitive situation no longer exists and the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers will not be proceeding to implement an auction procedure as described in iSOFT’s announcement of 23 August 2007. 

“The Court and shareholder meetings to implement the CompuGROUP offer are currently scheduled for 31 August 2007. As previously announced, iSOFT intends to adjourn these meetings indefinitely.” 

Commenting on the announcement by iSOFT, IBA’s Executive Chairman Gary Cohen said, “Our advisory teams are already implementing the necessary procedural steps to bring this acquisition to a close.The merits of this transaction have been strongly endorsed by our shareholders over the last week during a difficult period. I look forward to providing the market with further details and an outline of the timetable shortly.” 

A copy of the iSOFT Group plc announcement on 29 August 2007 follows:

Response to CompuGROUP's 'no increase' statement 

iSOFT notes today’s announcement by CompuGROUP Holding AG that it will not increase its cash offer of 66 pence per iSOFT share announced on 20 July 2007.

The revised offer announced by IBA Health Limited on 21 August 2007 was 69 pence per iSOFT share, with a stock alternative of 1.65 new IBA shares per iSOFT share.

IBA’s cash offer represents superior value for iSOFT shareholders compared with that of CompuGROUP. iSOFT has therefore withdrawn its recommendation of the CompuGROUP offer and intends to recommend the IBA cash offer and proceed with the steps necessary to implement the revised IBA offer by way of scheme of arrangement. Documentation, including details of the opinion of the board of iSOFT on the revised IBA offer, will be sent to shareholders in due course.

A competitive situation no longer exists between IBA and CompuGROUP. Therefore, the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers will not be proceeding to implement an auction procedure as described in iSOFT’s announcement of 23 August 2007.

The Court and shareholder meetings to implement the CompuGROUP offer are currently scheduled for 31 August 2007. As previously announced, iSOFT intends to adjourn these meetings indefinitely.

CompuGROUP offer to acquire iSOFT to go to shareholders (2 August, 2007)
CompuGROUP Offer: Scheme of Arrangement published - 2 August 2007

iSOFT has published the Scheme of Arrangement, under which CompuGROUP UK Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CompuGROUP Holding AG, will acquire the entire issued and to be issued ordinary share capital of iSOFT. The scheme has been posted to shareholders ahead of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Friday 31 August.

Statement from John Weston (01/08/2007), Chairman and acting Chief Executive Officer of iSOFT, while commenting on the Preliminary results for the year ended 30 April 2007, “On 20 July 2007 the Board recommended an offer of 66 pence per iSOFT share, in cash, from CompuGROUP Holdings, a German company listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange. Documentation detailing the offer to shareholders will be posted on 1 August 2007 prior to an extraordinary general meeting that is to be held on Friday 31 August 2007. If shareholders approve the offer on that date, the transaction is expected to complete during September. After a complex and painstaking sale process, iSOFT is on the way to becoming part of a well-funded group with growth prospects.”

From CompuGROUP website (Management presentation iSOFT offer)

As part of the acquisition, CompuGROUP has negotiated the sale of iSOFT’s UK NHS NPfIT business to CSC

  • Includes all contracts relating to NPfIT and applications of LORENZO and the NHS versions of i.PM and i.IE

  • iSOFT retains some obligations in respect of the NHS legacy products

  • No historic or future liabilities taken on by CompuGROUP in respect of NHS LORENZO or NHS versions of i.PM and i.IE

Comment: This statement would appear to leave support for existing iSOFT laboratory sites with the new combined CompuGROUP/iSOFT business, but if there are to be any changes to support arrangements, users are unlikely to be officially notified until after the deal is closed, expected to be sometime in September 2007.

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Intersystems Corporation acquires TrakHealth (May, 2007)

Intersystems Corporation has acquired Australian company, TrakHealth.  TrakHealth develops and markets TrakCare, a web-based healthcare information system. TrakCare LAB meets all of the operational needs of the modern pathology laboratory.  TrakCare has been installed into 25 countries including Australia, China, Japan and the United Kingdom.

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Integrated Software Solutions Incorporated (2007)

Détente was a clinical software company founded in 1982, and recognised for OMNI-Lab laboratory systems, a comprehensive information technology solution for hospital based and freestanding laboratories, and OMNI-Image radiology systems, a comprehensive information technology solution for medical imaging departments. Détente's customer base includes hospitals in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Détente were acquired by Quadramed in 2004 (see details).  However, for whatever reason, this association did not work out and in 2007, Integrated Software Solutions were incorporated as a new private Australian company supporting and selling the ISS-OMNI-Lab LIMS.  ISS are based in Sydney but have a UK office in Winchester.

Description A complete Laboratory Information Management system incorporating all Laboratory disciplines including Anatomical and Surgical Pathology and Cytology.   
Front end
  • Internet
  • Intranet
  • Visual Basic
Functionality Laboratory disciplines included in the package are Chemistry, Haematology, Microbiology, Immunology, Endocrinology, Anatomical/Surgical Pathology, Cytology, Blood Bank and others.
The system is parameter driven and defined by users to meet their requirements.   
A full integrated Accounts Receivable module is included.
Results Reporting via web is available including Critical Care Results Reporting portal
Languages English, others available
Latest Version of Application v9.6
Supported OS
  • Linux
  • OpenVMS
  • Unix
  • Windows 2000/Vista
InterSystems Products
  • Caché


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iSOFT announces UK contract agreements (August, 2006)
(iSOFT Press Release, 25th August 2006)

iSOFT Group plc today issued an announcement on an agreement with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) for delivery into the North West and West Midlands regional cluster of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) and on the installation of iSOFT software in London and Southern regions.
iSOFT has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CSC confirming the schedule under which it will deliver product and services to CSC in the North West and West Midlands regional cluster.
The agreement is valued at up to £153 million, subject to the satisfactory achievement of delivery milestones, with the opportunity to win additional NPfIT business in future through CSC in certain circumstances. Under this agreement, iSOFT has made a number of commitments in respect to the future development of its products for the NPfIT and the costs that it will bear for that work. CSC will have the right to take over the management of the development team in the event that iSOFT is unable to fulfill its obligations. However the rights to the IPR remain with iSOFT under all circumstances. This agreement offers greater certainty of cash flow to iSOFT as payments are tied to specific milestones, tied for the most part to software incremental releases.
iSOFT also announces that it will continue to supply an enhanced service to seven NHS iSOFT Trusts in the London and Southern Clusters. The announcement follows an agreement between Connecting for Health (CfH) and CSC to deliver the next phase of patient administration and clinical software to these hospitals.
The seven hospitals, all in the Southern or London clusters, have been using iSOFT products to deliver healthcare information for a number of years. The contract will last until 2008 with options to extend until 2011 and covers:
Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust, Guy's and St Thomas ' NHS Foundation Trust, King's College Hospital NHS Trust, Lewisham Hospital NHS Trust, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust and Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.
John Weston, Chairman and acting Chief Executive Officer, said: "We are pleased that CSC and these Trusts, whom we have been working alongside for a number of years, have demonstrated their continuing confidence in the iSOFT solution."
Regarding the seven Trusts, CSC's UK CEO, Keith Wilman, commented: "We are delighted to build on our experience of deploying and supporting iSOFT systems through this new agreement. We now look forward to working with the seven Trusts to deliver benefits, improvements and enhancements to their IT systems as part of the National Programme."  

iSOFT results for the financial year ended 30 April 2006 (published 25th August 2006)

iSOFT Group plc (IOT.L), a leading international supplier of software application solutions to the healthcare sector, announces its audited results for the year ended 30 April 2006. The Group's full year results are reported under IFRS regulations for the first time. The Group has also changed its accounting policy for revenue recognition, as announced on 8 June 2006.


For full details please visit our Regulatory News Service section on the iSOFT website at: http://www.isoftplc.com/corporate/investor_centre/1487.asp

Summary of results for 2005 financial year:

  • Turnover of £201.7 million

  • Loss of £382.2 million (after goodwill impairment of non cash adjusted £351.4 million)

Commenting, John Weston, Chairman and acting Chief Executive Officer of iSOFT said: "The second half of the financial year ended 30 April 2006 was a turbulent period for iSOFT and long-term shareholders will be feeling deeply disappointed by the events of recent months. I joined the Group as Chairman in October last year and share that disappointment, but I am determined to see through a series of actions and change that I believe are necessary to put this company back on a solid footing and enable it to capitalise on its underlying product strengths and experience. 

The Board believes that the new arrangements with our banks will now provide us with the short-term platform from which to address the long-term future of the company and are encouraged by the new agreement with CSC and by the 'iSOFT 7' win, announced separately today. Thus, though this has been a very difficult period, we are encouraged by the progress represented by today's announcement and are optimistic that we will be able to capitalise on the Group's technological and market positioning, for the benefit of customers, shareholders and employees."

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(Business News, 12th August 2006)

CliniSys, the clinical software company that supports three hospital laboratory computer systems (WinPath, LabCentre from CliniSys Scotland and GLIMS from MIPS), is on the market with a sale price expected to be in the region of £60 to £70 million.

CliniSys is the pathology laboratory computer system supplier selected by BT for the London Cluster, and has implemented systems in other National Programme for IT Clusters in England. In July 2005, CliniSys acquired the successful European LIMS business of MIPS (see below), following the acquisition of Torex Laboratory Systems Limited from iSOFT plc in March 2005 after the Office of Fair Trading has considered whether to refer the merger to the Competition Commission (see below).

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(Press Release 10 January 2006)

The Trust has selected TD-BloodBank for its modern technology and superior functionality

Warrington, UK. 10th January 2006 TD-BloodBank®, a market-leading component of Technidata’s TD-Synergy® integrated LIMS. TD-BloodBank, which includes comprehensive EU safety-compliant vein-to-vein features for automated blood testing, tracking, transport, transfusion and sample/patient matching, was chosen over five other blood management systems. The selection, which also included several LSP-recommended solutions, followed an extensive OJEU evaluation and short-listing process. The project is due to go live on 31st March 2006.

Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust is an integrated, multi-site facility that comprises Hammersmith, Charing Cross, Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea, and Ravenscourt Park Hospitals. The Pathology Department works for Hammersmith NHS Trust as well as Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. The three sites combined process some 32 million general laboratory tests and 150,000 blood transfusion requests, and handle over 65,000 blood and blood products each year – a number that is projected to grow by 5-15% annually over the next five years. As a matter of urgency, the Trust needed a more robust and flexible blood management system that could integrate with its disparate systems, handle a rapidly increasing workload and support the ever-growing complexity of new hemovigilence and transfusion safety regulations.

Asked why the Trust chose Technidata over LSP recommended solutions, Laurent Debenedetti, ICT Director, Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust, explains: "Various competing products were put forward to us, but in the end we selected Technidata because it was a more modern solution and offered a superior platform at a similar price. From an ICT perspective I prefer Technidata’s technology, but even more importantly, our pathology users found TD-BloodBank’s advanced functionality extremely close to their needs." In addition, Technidata’s ability to utilise Unix and/or Intel platforms, SQL and Oracle databases together with its single log-in environment not only meets Hammersmith Trust’s demanding technology roadmap but also dovetails with the aims of the NHS Connecting for Health programme.

Tony MacDonald, Pathology Systems Manager at Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust, went on to add: "Technidata came closest to matching our needs. Above all, we wanted a modern system with a relational database and Web-enabled capabilities. With one of our old blood transfusion systems, the hardware had reached the end of its lifespan, and the other system had become too expensive to maintain. In replacing them, we chose TD-BloodBank because it was the only solution that ticked all the boxes and met our extensive list of requirements - including over 300 different points. Many of these involved patient safety compliance issues, both at a national and EU level, some of the points related to our overall IT modernisation strategy and others involved our integration requirements - a vital aspect considering our multi-site/multi-system IT environment."

As far as patient safety is concerned, Hammersmith recognised that TD-BloodBank’s advanced vein-to-vein storage and tracking system, TD-SafeTrak®, would be able to bring major benefits to the whole transfusion supply chain from the donor to recipient. In addition, Hammersmith has also signed on to pilot Pocket TD-BloodBank®, a portable version of function-rich TD-BloodBank that provides access to the system from networked and handheld devices, whether onsite or remotely.

"TD-BloodBank’s relational database and ODBC connectivity were two other features that were critical to our choice," says Mr. MacDonald. "Technidata’s ability to integrate with our LIMS and our multiple hospital information systems will now enable us to gather all relevant test information together into patient-centric files for the convenience of caregivers. It will also give us the ease and flexibility we need to develop more complex management reports."

Not the least of its benefits, TD-BloodBank also promises a highly competitive return on investment. As Mr. MacDonald explains: "Getting the funding for our new blood system turned out to be very straightforward when we pointed out that the cost of TD-BloodBank over a five-year period would be less than the cost of maintaining our legacy technology that offers less functionality and doesn’t support new safety guidelines."

Dave Simm, General Manager for Technidata UK commented: "Technidata are delighted to welcome Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital as new users of our TD-Synergy BloodBank solution. We are particularly pleased to have been chosen in the face of such an exhaustive OJEU evaluation process and congratulate the Trust on its vision in choosing Technidata as a long-term technology partner. Not only are we able to supply a superior solution that integrates with disparate information systems across the Trust’s three sites, we are also best placed to handle critical issues such as patient safety in Blood Transfusion and its ramifications for haemovigilance and recent EU legislation."

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CliniSys acquires Orion Imaging - diabetic software (December, 2005)

Clinical and laboratory systems specialists, CliniSys, has acquired Orion Imaging, the diabetic retinopathy screening software business.

Diabetic retinopathy is the single largest cause of blindness in the UK and is a problem in all countries where ageing populations and increasing obesity rates are leading to greater numbers of people living with diabetes.

Digital retinopathy cameras provide precise digital images of the eye that can be compared over time. Clinicians are alerted much earlier to deterioration in the patient’s eye than through other screening methods.

David Newell, CliniSys’ group business development director said Orion Imaging was “a great business” and commented: “The combination of the market leading solution for diabetic retinopathy together with the CliniSys infrastructure both in the UK and mainland Europe offers a unique and exciting opportunity. The provision of a market leading solution set for diabetes care is a key component of our ongoing business strategy within chronic disease management.”

Cwmbran-based Orion Imaging was one of four companies in the UK selected to supply specialist software services for the NHS national screening programme for sight threatening diabetic retinopathy. Its diabetic retinopathy screening software is distributed with fundus cameras made by Haag-Streit International.

The company claims over 2000 installations in over 52 countries. David Newell said Orion Imaging’s recent wins included a contract for supplying Cheshire and Merseyside. 

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CliniSys, UK’s No. 1 pathology software provider, acquires MIPS, a leading European LIMS supplier  (July 2005)


CliniSys, the UK ’s leading provider of pathology software solutions, today announced that it has acquired MIPS, one of the largest and most successful suppliers of laboratory information management systems (LIMS) in Europe .   Head-quartered in Gent, Belgium , MIPS has a strong track record of sales success throughout Europe and a long history of pathology product and service innovation.

This acquisition brings together two highly successful pathology software suppliers; CliniSys (www.clinisys.co.uk) has won the majority of competitive procurements in the UK over the past few years, and MIPS (www.mips.be) dominates the Benelux market and is now making fast inroads into the French, German and Spanish markets.

The combined customer base, covering over 400 sites across Europe , will now benefit from the dedicated expertise of 200 pathology specialists focusing on the development, delivery and support of solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the clinical laboratory and medical practice.

Healthcare IT across Europe is benefiting from a significant increase in investment and higher prioritisation.   Best practice from many nations will inform the Group’s new product development strategy to serve the wider customer base.   In particular, the enlarged customer base will benefit from CliniSys’ direct experience of participating in the UK ’s £6.2bn Connecting for Health IT programme.  

"This acquisition follows on from CliniSys' Spring 2005 acquisition of the UK Torex LIMS business (see below) and means the new company can rightly claim the largest number of LIMS customer sites for a UK LIMS company (over 400 sites).  The MIPS main LIMS product, GLIMS, is true GUI, is extremely flexible and user-definable, is a true relational database, and has been successfully installed across 8 different European countries.  The strategy of how this new dominance with several market leading LIMS products can be moved forwards to meet all of the varied market requirements across Europe will be followed with interest by potential customers, particularly those in the London and Southern LSP clusters over the next 18 months." 
Kevin Feltham (2005)

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UK NHS LIMS Survey (June 2005)

Feltham Associates has completed the largest survey of LIMS in UK NHS Trusts since the NHS National Programme was announced.   This survey was aimed at key senior laboratory and IT managers to uncover how Trusts are managing to run their pathology services with ageing LIMS and what their plans are for replacing them.  In England, the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) - now NHS Connecting for Health (CfH or C4H), has not included pathology as a core service, and this makes obtaining the necessary capital funding from hard-pressed Trust budgets very difficult.  Only two LIMS suppliers have so far been included in the LSP catalogues. What about other LIMS suppliers?  Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not restricted by a "national programme" but still there have been virtually no new LIMS contracts since 2003.  Is the UK still a viable market for LIMS suppliers?

The survey was sent to Trusts in early February, and the results have now been analysed and are now ready for publication.  Some of the key summaries from the analysis will be published on the Feltham Associates website during the year, so look out for them. An objective assessment of suppliers and their products is included together with rankings for end-user functionality, technology and support services.  The full report is now available to NHS staff, NHS decision makers and suppliers.  If you wish to find out more, the price or order a copy, contact us via e-mail to: Webmaster.

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Technidata UK announce  new laboratory information system TD-Synergy®  (April 2005)

Marking a leap forward in functionality and system architecture, TD-Synergy® builds upon a 20 year reputation for performance and robustness. The system delivers increased functionality and interoperability with a fully graphical windows user interface. TD-Synergy® retains the flexibility and scalability of previous Technidata products, making it the system of choice for small single workstation laboratories, or complex multi-site, multi-discipline trust wide solutions.

Designed to be compliant with NHS Connecting for Health and to be flexible to meet any future national requirements, TD-Synergy® delivers a total laboratory solution today. Providing peace of mind for long term development needs in a rapidly changing IT environment.

New features in this release include familiar windows graphical user interface and a single login that can be linked to active server directory, giving the user access to the complete range of modules covering all disciplines. This means that the end-user has a realistic alternative which delivers the functionality required in a single package with excellent reliability and is deliverable today.

Dave Simm, General Manager for Technidata UK , comments "With over 20 years of service to NHS customers Technidata have always had an excellent reputation for the quality of our products, our customer support and our ability to deliver on our promises. The NHS Connecting for Health programme has forced all laboratory information system suppliers to redress their priorities and listen attentively to their market needs. The Local Service Providers now have a viable, scalable, modern, deliverable and profitable alternative to their current laboratory information system offering".

The first showing of TD-Synergy® was at Euromedlab from 8th to 12th May on stand 141.

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UCLH selects CoPathPlus from Misys to enhance Pathology operations (January 2005)

Burgess Hill, West Sussex, UK - Jan. 31, 2005 - Misys Healthcare Systems, a market leader in healthcare information technology, today announced that University College London Hospitals (UCLH) NHS Foundation Trust has selected CoPathPlus® from Misys as its anatomic pathology information system to replace their legacy application. UCLH joins a growing number of other Trusts and healthcare institutions in the UK, Ireland, Denmark and the Middle East already utilising CoPathPlus, continuing to reinforce Misys as one of the leading suppliers of clinical information system software internationally.

Already a user of Misys LaboratoryTM software throughout their other pathology disciplines, UCLH operates a world-renowned laboratory that includes specialist services handling specimens from all over the globe.

UCLH conducted a thorough appraisal of available pathology system solutions on the market before electing to invest in Misys.

According to Ann Hannah, Service Manager of Cellular Pathology Department and head of the procurement team at University College, "UCLH has used Misys Laboratory for almost a decade, and we chose Co-Path after a rigorous OJEC selection procedure. We are pleased to be moving forward with a supplier we are confident will meet our needs as we open our new hospital and implement an EPR system with pathology order communications."

Toby Cave, Senior ICT Adviser - IM&T/Cancer Services at UCLH, said, "After a careful assessment of leading IT systems, we selected CoPathPlus from Misys as the best overall solution to meet UCLH's requirements in terms of support, usability, reporting and integration with existing IT systems."

Designed to meet the unique workflow requirements of the anatomic pathology department, CoPathPlus provides comprehensive patient and specimen information viewable in a wide variety of formats. The system incorporates images and diagrams, and comprises an integrated report writer, a library of more than 200 report options such as cytology screening statistical requirements, and Quality Assurance and fast report turnaround functions.

Other features include histology protocols, automated billing and sophisticated data management and InfoMaker® report development tools.

CoPathPlus is HL7 compliant and offers the scalability to integrate with Misys CPR* as well as any other computer-based patient record system.

CoPathPlus' flexible integration technology, combined with Misys' knowledge of the Trust's pathology operations, will ensure a faster and more cost-efficient implementation and smoother migration of legacy pathology data with minimal disruption.

Duane Lawrence, General Manager of Misys Healthcare Systems, International in Sussex, U.K., said, "We are delighted to further strengthen our relationship with such a long standing client and important Trust as UCLH, whose continuing votes of confidence in our products and support services are testament to our strong client partnerships. This move is yet another reinforcement that Misys Healthcare Systems is one of top suppliers of leading clinical software assisting clinicians worldwide in improving patient care."

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Sysmex has successfully implemented its MOLIS LIMS system within eight Laboratories located at The Central Public Health Laboratory (CPHL), including the Sexually Transmitted and Bacterial Reference Laboratory (STBRL). CPHL in Colindale is the national reference centre for medical microbiology in the UK , and is part of the Specialist and Reference Microbiology Division (SRMD) of the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

 The main benefits of Sysmex MOLIS already being realised are: improved turn-around times for many requests; better recording of outbreak data; excellent sample tracking; improved accuracy; and real-time statistical analysis of data throughout CPHL. The system is compliant with the Caldicott data protection initiative and the level of auditing and result storage is a benefit for both CPA and UKAS accreditation.

 There was an urgent need for an integrated laboratory information system to provide efficient and effective capture and processing of patient and specimen data. Improved analysis was required for outbreak situations and data sharing with other parts of the HPA including the Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre (CDSC). One of the key benefits of the system is that it allows the capture of greater amounts of data according to the specific requirements of each laboratory e.g. immunisation dates and details for MMR surveillance work, travel history, and antimicrobial therapy for gastroenteritis tests.

 The implementation of MOLIS has resulted in a number of business process changes to the laboratory workflows. Numerous specimen receptions in the laboratories have been rationalised to a Central Accession facility, where approximately 800 specimens a day (both reference and surveillance) for all laboratories are received to a new paperless environment. Request forms can be viewed on screen at any part of the process as they are scanned following sample registration.

 The HPA and Sysmex envisage that the system will be rolled-out to other HPA Reference Laboratories/Units across the country in the near future.

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TietoEnator has acquired the laboratory system business from InformationsLogik  (December 2004)

TietoEnator has purchased the laboratory system business of InformationsLogik Sweden AB (IL) and all shares in its subsidiary InformationsLogik Netherlands B.V (ILN). The business and the entire share capital of ILN have been transferred to TietoEnator from 1st November 2004. By the agreement  TietoEnator complements its product portfolio for laboratories and also broadens the company's customer base within the area as well as in the European healthcare market.
InformationsLogik has 21 employees in Sweden and 13 in the Netherlands. The forecasted revenue for 2004 is 3.3 million euros. The company is the leading supplier of pathology information systems in the Nordic countries and controls 95% of pathology installations in the Netherlands and some installations in Lithuania. The main business is product development and related services. A major product is SymPathy for Pathology/Cytology laboratories. Sympathy is the market leader in Sweden and Norway (approximately 75% market share). InformationsLogik also has products for microbiology and transfusion medicine (blood handling).
"With a complete laboratory concept and already established international businesses and experiences outside the Nordic countries, this acquisition will strongly support our possibilities and willingness to expand laboratory businesses to new markets", says Willy Liljeheden, Managing Director of Informationslogik Sweden AB.

The laboratory market is consolidating into bigger laboratory centres covering all disciplines. Now, TietoEnator can offer customers a complete integrated laboratory solution and by that a more efficient and unified way to handle their business with lower costs. The acquisition will also establish a good base for entering new markets in Europe outside the Nordic countries" says Ola Gustafsson, Managing Director of TietoEnator Healthcare AB.


1.  TietoEnator is one of the leading architects in building a more efficient information society and the largest IT services company in the Nordic countries. TietoEnator specialises in consulting, developing and hosting its customers' business operations in the digital economy. The Group's services are based on a combination of deep industry-specific expertise and latest information technology. TietoEnator has close to 14,000 experts in more than 20 countries.  www.tietoenator.com
 2. InformationsLogik is a company specialising in the development and implementation of information systems for clinical laboratories. The company is well established in Scandinavia where its system for pathology laboratories, iLab SymPathy, is the market leader. The concept iLab, Information system for Laboratories, is a totally new generation of development based on a three-level solution with client/server-, multi-tier- and web technology. www.informationslogik.se

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CliniSys finally acquires Torex LIMS business (March 2005)

CliniSys, a leading UK provider of diagnostic and specialist clinical software solutions, announced that it had acquired Torex Laboratory Systems Ltd, (TLS) the company that owns and supports LabCentre, the widely used UK laboratory information management system (LIMS).

TLS will be fully integrated into the CliniSys pathology operation enabling the combined business to offer a broader and deeper range of service and solution to its combined customer base in the UK and Ireland .

The combined business will comprise of over 100 specialist pathology domain experts, based in the UK , supporting the effective operation of clinical laboratories in both the NHS and private healthcare markets. Future product development will build on the considerable strengths of both of the CliniSys and TLS LIMS solutions and will benefit from feedback from an enlarged customer base.

Fiona Pearson , CEO of CliniSys said “NPfIT is offering us exciting opportunities to expand the scope and supply of our pathology solutions to meet the future needs of the NHS pathology market. The resulting expansion in our capability and capacity supports the business transformation required of healthcare suppliers to meet the high standards of supply and support required by the National Programme."

Anticipated acquisition by CliniSys Solutions Limited of Torex Laboratory Systems Limited  (February, 2005)

The OFT's decision on reference under section 33 given on 26 January 2005


Clinisys Solutions Limited (Clinisys), formerly known as Sysmed Solutions Limited (and prior to that as William Woodard Associates), is a member of the Varleigh group of companies.  Clinisys is active in the market for Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and clinical applications for oncology, sexual health and diabetes.

Torex Laboratory Systems Limited (Torex) was a wholly owned subsidiary of Torex Plc, which acquired the business in 2002; Torex Plc is currently owned by iSOFT Group Plc (iSOFT).  Torex comprises all employees, IPRs and existing contracts associated with the LIMS business of Torex Plc.  In the year ending 30 April 2003, Torex's turnover was approximately £3.2 million (see note 1).  


Clinisys proposes to acquire 100 per cent of Torex's shares. 

Clinisys intends to integrate features of the Torex LIMS business with its own LIMS business to form Clinisys Pathology.  In particular, Clinisys will incorporate some of the functionality of the Torex LIMS product in the Clinisys LIMS product.  Clinisys intends to provide support and maintenance for existing users of Torex's LIMS product and to continue contractual arrangements with these customers for as long as it is commercially sensible, for both Clinisys and the customer, given that the expected remaining life of the Torex LIMS product is approximately 5 years. However, in respect of new customers, Clinisys intends to offer only one LIMS product.

The transaction was notified to the OFT on 22 November 2004.  The 40 working day administrative deadline is 27 January 2005.


As a result of this transaction Clinisys and Torex will cease to be distinct.  The parties overlap in the supply of LIMS in the UK.  The share of supply test in section 23 of the Enterprise Act 2002 (the Act) is met since the parties have a combined share of supply of LIMS to private hospitals in the UK in excess of 25 per cent.  The OFT therefore believes that it is or may be the case that arrangements are in progress or in contemplation which, if carried into effect, will result in the creation of a relevant merger situation. 


Further developments in the NPfIT since the iSOFT/Torex Decision indicate that there is now no realistic expectation that LIMS providers such as Torex which have not been selected by an LSP would be able to compete effectively for new LIMS contracts to NHS hospitals in England in the short to medium term. 

In view of the fact that it is in practice very difficult for Torex to make sales to NHS hospitals in England under the NPfIT, and given the relatively low value of contestable LIMS business in the rest of the UK, Torex's incentives to develop its LIMS product independently have been significantly reduced.  The importance of Torex as a continuing independent competitive constraint in the LIMS market has been reduced accordingly.

To the extent that competition remains outside the NPfIT, a sufficient number of credible bidders for UK LIMS contracts remain.  These include iSOFT, Triple G, TrakHealth, Cerner, Misys and Technidata.  Due to their multinational presence and their activities in the wider IT healthcare sector most of these companies have a greater incentive than Torex to maintain the competitive edge of their LIMS products and to compete for LIMS contracts outside the NPfIT.  Moreover, the merger strengthens the ability of Clinisys to compete for these LIMS contracts and perhaps also to compete with iSOFT for contracts within the NPfIT.  

While many third parties were concerned, the majority of these were Torex customers and their concerns were related more to the effect that any change of ownership might have on maintenance and support for existing Torex contracts than to any perceived lessening of competition as a result of the merger.  While such concerns are understandable, existing Torex LIMS contracts are not part of the contestable market.  Moreover, the OFT believes these concerns have been addressed by Clinisys's commitment (and incentive) to maintain the current support levels for existing Torex LIMS customers during the expected life of the product.

Consequently, the OFT does not believe that it is or may be the case that the merger may be expected to result in a substantial lessening of competition within a market or markets in the United Kingdom.


This merger will therefore not be referred to the Competition Commission under section 33(1) of the Act.


1.Torex PLC was re-registered as Torex Limited on 14 September 2004.

Download the full text of this decision (pdf 140 kb)

OFT invites comment on proposed acquisition by CliniSys Solutions of Torex's LIMS business (8 November 2004)

Following the withdrawal of the offer by ASC Computer Software Limited (ASC), announced in October, a new potential purchaser of the Torex Laboratory Systems business from iSOFT plc has been announced by the UK's Office of Fair Trading. 

The OFT is now inviting comments on the proposed acquisition by CliniSys Solutions Limited (CliniSys), formerly Sysmed Solutions Limited, of Torex's LIMS business from iSOFT plc.

On 29 April 2004 the OFT accepted undertakings in lieu of reference to the Competition Commission (CC) from iSOFT to divest Torex's LIMS business to a purchaser to be approved by the OFT. LIMS are computer systems used to manage laboratory processes in hospitals or trusts.

The OFT invites comments on the proposed merger, in particular on the following points:

  • whether CliniSys is independent of and unconnected to iSOFT
  • whether CliniSys has the financial resources, expertise and incentive to maintain and develop Torex's business as a viable and active business in competition with iSOFT and other competitors
  • whether the transaction creates a relevant merger situation and, if so, whether it would raise any competition concerns.

Comments should be made in writing by 5pm on Friday 19 November 2004 to:Renella Reumerman, Mergers Branch, Office of Fair Trading, Fleetbank House, 2-6 Salisbury Square London EC4Y 8JX.  Telephone: 020 7211 8000, email renella.reumerman@oft.gsi.gov.uk


1. Under the Enterprise Act 2002 (EA02) 'a relevant merger situation' is created where a completed or anticipated merger creates or enhances a 25 per cent share of supply in the UK (or a substantial part thereof) or where the UK turnover associated with the enterprise being acquired is over £70m.

2. The EA02 gives the OFT a duty to refer to the CC a completed or anticipated relevant merger situation where the OFT believes that the creation of that situation has resulted, or may be expected to result, in a substantial lessening of competition (SLC) within any market or markets in the UK.

3. The OFT may, instead of making a reference to the CC, accept undertakings from an appropriate party to take such action as it considers appropriate to remedy, mitigate or prevent the SLC or any adverse effect which has or may have resulted from the merger (or may be expected to result from it).

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CliniSys - the new name for Sysmed  (September, 2004)

The new name for Sysmed and Clinisis: Thriving in the market created by the National Programme for IT (NPfIT), Sysmed are taking a step change in growth and will be operating as CliniSys from 1st October 2004.

CliniSys will be the leading UK supplier of IT solutions delivering improved quality and productivity within the clinical laboratory. A recent independent market survey showed that WinPath, their laboratory information management system, is used more extensively throughout the UK than any other system on the market.

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Sysmed acquisitions and new orders  (March 2004)

March 2004

Barts and The London NHS Trust choose Sysmed Solutions for pathology modernisation
Partnership approach to support clinical practice and improve multi-site communications

 One of the UK ’s flagship sites for pathology modernisation, Barts and The London NHS Trust, has selected Sysmed Solutions’ WinPath pathology LIMS to support its sophisticated modernisation programme. Processing over two million pathology tests a year and rising, the Trust is also one of the UK ’s largest teaching hospital trusts. In partnership with the Trust, Sysmed will support pathology now and in the future to seamlessly link a minimum of four pathology laboratories, from within the Trust and externally with Newham and Homerton NHS hospitals. 

“As clinical practice has become more complex and requirements for pathology testing from internal and external sources have increased, both in terms of numbers and types of tests, we recognised the need to replace our pathology LIMS,” said Professor Jo Martin, Clinical Director of Pathology at Barts and The London NHS Trust. “It is essential that we implement an IT system that has the functionality and flexibility to deliver our requirements now, as well as accommodate our changing future needs as we become a Centre of Excellence.”

The Trust’s ongoing modernisation process will ultimately deliver a state of the art automated pathology laboratory to increase sample throughput and handle the increasing levels of testing. WinPath will dovetail into this process of laboratory change and will also support the Trust in e-referrals and the seamless movement of samples between laboratories.

WinPath will also improve communications both internally and externally to other hospitals and GP practices, enabling anytime/anywhere user access to results through browser-based results reporting and order communications. The system will make increasing use of the developing NHSNet infrastructure as available bandwidths expand.

“We are extremely pleased to have been chosen as a key partner in Barts and The London’s pathology modernisation programme. As a UK based company we will be on hand to assist in all aspects of the change management process to enable the continuous improvement of the pathology service,” said Fiona Pearson, CEO of Sysmed. “IT is a crucial part of the modernisation process providing a backbone by which all information can be seamlessly shared and transferred.”

January 2004 acquisition - Clinisis
Sysmed announced on 12 January that it is to acquire Clinisis Ltd, a provider of electronic clinical solutions for chemotherapy and radiotherapy, in a move that will continue the expansion of Sysmed’s range of integrated clinical and diagnostic software tools.

Clinisis represents a strategic extension of Sysmed’s business, which is currently focused on supplying IT solutions in pathology, sexual health and diabetes, into providing oncology information management systems.  Clinisis’ key systems are solutions for chemotherapy and radiology that can be accessed across a cancer network.  The chemotherapy module supports adult, paediatric and haematology prescribing - all accessible from any location within a given cancer network. 

The Clinisis radiotherapy solution delivers scheduling facilities to coordinate complex inter-departmental treatment plans, enabling clinical managers to maximise the use of high value resources.  Sysmed's IT solutions fully support integration into the developing NHS Care Records Service and the delivery of the Government’s National Strategic Programme – Delivering 21st Century IT Support for the NHS.


November 2003 acquisition - Appareo
Sysmed Solutions Ltd announced in November 2003 the acquisition of the Healthcare Division of Appareo Ltd., a business which focuses on web-based clinical management systems for the Sexual Health and Diabetes sectors.   The integration of the Appareo Healthcare Division into Sysmed will enable more rapid delivery of regional data warehouses for sexual health and diabetes to meet Government targets.  Other acquisitions are in the pipeline for Sysmed following their successful period of winning LIMS contracts this last 6 months.

Sysmed Solutions Ltd have been chosen as the IT solutions provider for a London automated laboratory - the Whitfield Street Laboratory Ltd (WSL).  This operation will provide the latest laboratory facilities, including robotic technologies and sophisticated workflow design, for a partnership between University College London Hospitals NHS Trust (UCLH) and The Doctors Laboratory Ltd (TDL).

This new contract in the heart of London follows hard on the heels of one in Cambridgeshire - Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust will be implementing a new integrated WinPath system for centralised pathology data processing to replace an ageing iSOFT product.  The project includes Papworth Hospital NHS Trust.

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iSOFT Group plc and Torex plc merger sent back to OFT after appeal

Following the satisfactory conclusion of due diligence, the Boards of iSOFT and Torex announced on 25 September 2003 that terms of a recommended Merger Offer have been agreed.  The posting of the documentation is now solely dependent on the Merger, or any matters arising from the Merger, not being referred by the Office of Fair Trading to the Competition Commission (see LATEST NEWS below).

The combined turnover for the last financial year for both companies was £253.3m - £91.5m (iSOFT Group) and £161.8m (Torex Group) with a combined profit before tax of £52.1m - £23.5m (iSOFT Group) and £28.6m (Torex Group).

The new Group will be called iSOFT with a single management team and a clear focus of the healthcare information market. Following completion Patrick Cryne (iSOFT) will be Executive Chairman and Chris Moore (TOREX) will be Chief Executive.  Tim Whiston (iSOFT) will be Finance Director, Mark Woodbridge (Torex) will be Business Development Director and Steve Graham (iSOFT) will retain his role as Chief Operating Officer for the new company.

LATEST NEWS (March 2004): Ernst & Young have been engaged to oversee the disposal of the Torex LIMS business.  Memoranda of Information regarding the disposal will be distributed to interested parties early in July 2004. (12 July 2004)

The completed acquisition by iSOFT Group plc of Torex plc will not be referred to the Competition Commission if iSOFT gives suitable undertakings to address the competition concerns arising from the merger, the OFT has decided.  iSOFT has indicated that it is willing to offer an undertaking to divest the Torex LIMS business, including employees, intellectual property rights, and legacy contracts.  The OFT now invite comments on this new twist to the merger. The OFT will shortly begin a consultation process in respect of the proposed undertakings. (24 March 2004)

UPDATED NEWS (December 2003): The Competition Commission Appeal Tribunal upheld a complaint on 3 December from Australian rival software company, IBA Health, and the merger go-ahead decision will now be returned to the OFT for further consideration.  Analysts claim the decision is likely to compel the Competition Commission to review the £700 million merger which could delay the actual merger for many months.

(November, 2003): The Office of Fair Trading announced on 7th November 2003 that the iSOFT/Torex merger offer was cleared and would not be referred to the Competitions Commission.  

iSOFT have won a bit more business in the laboratory market after a poor 12 months.  News has come in that they are rolling out the old TelePath product (now re-badged as i.Laboratory TP) for Biochemistry, Haematology and Microbiology for the Leeds and Bradford Trusts.  There doesn't seem to have been any competitive bidding on this one.

iSOFT Group plc and TOREX plc merger discussions  (July 2003)

The Boards of iSOFT and TOREX announced on 22nd July 2003 that they are in advanced discussions in relation to a proposed merger of the two companies to create the leading UK provider of healthcare information systems.  No end date has been given but the merged group would create a fully-integrated software provider and healthcare information systems group able to offer innovative leading-edge technology, coupled with proven domain expertise across the full spectrum of the healthcare market, from the GP surgery to the clinicians in hospitals and ancillary services.

Certain pre-conditions are satisfied or waived before the merger will occur, but if made, TOREX shareholders will hold 44% of the new merged group.  No details are available on the software portfolio which will be offered should the merger go ahead but both companies have, what could be seen as a surfeit of laboratory information systems to either support and/or sell including the former Telepath software (the former Wolfson software and the TelePath 2000 package), the former ACT Medisys CILMS package, the iSOFT iLaboratory (formerly APEX) software and now the LabCentre (formerly Berkeley MasterLab) and Lauffenberg software.  Will some of this be spun off into a new specialist company, or will it all be retained in the merged group?  Only time will tell !

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Quadramed acquires Détente Systems (February, 2004)

QuadraMed® Corporation (OTCBB:QMDC.OB) has announced that it has acquired all of the issued and outstanding capital stock of Détente Systems Pty Limited (Détente) headquartered in Sydney, Australia for $4 million cash US. Of this amount $2.6 million was paid at the closing. The balance has been escrowed and is payable upon Détente's satisfactory adaptation of its product for the US Market, which is expected to be completed within six months.

Détente is a clinical software company founded in 1982, and is recognized for OMNI-Lab laboratory systems, a comprehensive information technology solution for hospital based and freestanding laboratories, and OMNI-Image radiology systems, a comprehensive information technology solution for medical imaging departments. Détente's customer base includes hospitals in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

To learn more about QuadraMed healthcare information systems and health information management products and services, visit the web site at www.quadramed.com. Further information about Détente Systems and its clinical applications and services is available at www.detente.com.au.

About QuadraMed Corporation
QuadraMed is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery by providing innovative healthcare information technology and services. From clinical and patient information management to revenue cycle and health information management, QuadraMed delivers real-world solutions that help healthcare professionals deliver outstanding patient care with optimum efficiency. Behind our products and services is a staff of more than 850 professionals whose experience and dedication to service has earned QuadraMed the trust and loyalty of customers at more than 1,900 healthcare provider facilities. To find out more about QuadraMed, visit www.quadramed.com.

QuadraMed is a registered trademark of QuadraMed Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.


Dean Souleles, QuadraMed Chief Technology Officer, noted that Affinity Laboratory enters the marketplace as a mature product, "QuadraMed acquired a proven lab system through the acquisition of our international division (Détente Systems) in 2004. Prior to that time, the product had been implemented by customers in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom for 20 years.

"This is an important benefit for North American clients because they can trust that Affinity Laboratory will implement quickly. It will have none of the problems inherent in deploying an application having only been beta tested before release." The international version first went live in 1983. Current clients of the fully scalable system include sites with as few as 25 beds up to multi-site facilities performing some 2.4 million tests per year.

Affinity Laboratory features enterprise-wide access and functionality to meet the accreditation and hospital management requirements of clients in the United States and Canada. It is a multi-disciplinary product for general laboratory, microbiology and anatomic pathology from specimen collection through cumulative result reporting. The system's unique specialty offerings include modules for genetics, newborn screening and mortuary.

QuadraMed's blood bank partner for Affinity Laboratory is industry leader Wyndgate Technologies®, which offers one of the most sophisticated and reliable systems for managing and tracking the entire blood transfusion cycle, from donor collection to patient transfusion.

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Triple G to be acquired by GE Medical in $CDN 74m deal (August 2003)

GE Medical Systems Information Technologies, the healthcare business of General Electric Company and Triple G® Systems Group announced on 26th June that they have signed a definitive transaction agreement, pursuant to which GE will acquire Triple G for a consideration of $3.30 (Canadian) valuing Triple G at $CDN 74 million.  GE Medical Systems information Technologies' primary focus has been in radiology and cardiology medical systems, image management, and clinical information systems. GE Medical Systems is a $9 billion global leader in healthcare services. 

Latest news (March 2004): Triple G has now been accommodated within the GE Medical Systems IT organisation as GE Medical Systems IT - Clinical Information Systems and the product is now called Centricity ULTRA Laboratory.

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Technidata develop, market and support the TDLIMS product range. Developments are centralised through our World Headquarters based in Grenoble, France with some 700+ LIMS sites installed worldwide. TDLIMS being sold in differing countries either directly by a Technidata subsidiary or via an appointed distributor. Prior to the 1st May 2003 the TDLIMS product range was distributed in the UK & Ireland by our appointed distributor Bayer plc as Bayer LMX.

On the 1st May 2003 the UK and Ireland LMX business transferred from Bayer plc to Technidata UK, our UK subsidiary.

Technidata UK has been formed to ensure that Technidata both accurately address the needs of our UK customers in a timely and responsive manner and take maximum advantage of the many opportunities which are present in the UK& Ireland marketplace. We see the UK and Ireland marketplace as one of paramount importance to us and one which we can now begin to address in a manner one would expect from a leading global supplier of LIMS systems and workstation software.

In addition to the resource now available from the Grenoble headquarters our UK headquarters are based in Warrington, Cheshire. Support staff being strategically based to support our 24 installations throughout the UK including NHS, Private and Veterinary laboratories.

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Triple G selected for Avon Virtual Pathology Service (May 2003)

Multiple NHS Trust hospitals to deploy ULTRA Laboratory Information System

Triple G® Systems Group, Inc., a leading global provider of software that automates the clinical laboratory, have announced that the Bristol and Bath hospitals have signed a contract for the ULTRA® Laboratory Information System (LIS). The contract comprises three major National Health Service (NHS) Trusts in Bath and Bristol: the Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust (RUH), the United Bristol Healthcare NHS Trust (UBHT) and the North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT). This marks a key step in the company’s expansion in the United Kingdom .

Triple G will be providing the ULTRA General Lab (Haematology and Biochemistry), Transfusion Medicine, Cellular Pathology and Cytology modules to all three facilities, with the addition of the Microbiology module at UBHT and NBT. In total, the system will provide multiple system-to-system interfaces, 87 analyser interfaces and numerous other hospital system interfaces.

In addition, Triple G will be deploying a web-enabled results look-up service for the primary and secondary care community, utilizing the ULTRAConnect module. This will enable approved users to access a Virtual Pathology Laboratory Service (VPLS).

“Following a rigorous selection process, we are delighted that ULTRA will be replacing our existing pathology IT systems”, said Simon Burke, Project Manager. “Triple G was the supplier best capable of meeting our complex multi-site needs by offering an advanced, modern and open system. ULTRA will be an important element of the continued improvement and enhancement of the services we provide to the Avon community”.

“This marks a significant step forward for Triple G and a watershed in our UK market development. We are proud to be the choice of such prestigious organizations,” said Chris Spence, Triple G’s Managing Director, Asia Pacific and Europe . “This emphatically confirms Triple G as a leading supplier to the NHS and we look forward to continuing to introduce the European market to our industry leading solutions.”  

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iSOFT re-brand APEX to be i.Laboratory (April 2003)

Tim Whiston, iSOFT's Chief Executive Designate and Group Finance Director, announced to existing customers on 8th April that as part of a re-branding initiative, iSOFT's existing applications, spanning clinical administration, EPR, pathology and pharmacy have been updated to include new features and re-branded within the i.Series portfolio.  APEX has been re-branded as i.Laboratory.

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Sysmed launched as re-badged UK LIMS supplier (April 2003)

Sysmed is the leading UK supplier of IT solutions delivering improved quality and productivity within the clinical laboratory. A recent independent market survey showed that WinPath, their laboratory information management system, is used more extensively throughout the UK than any other system on the market.  Originally William Woodard Associates, the IT supplier re-badged to become wwa-sysmed in 2002 and now 18 months later on 1 April 2003 as Sysmed Solutions Limited.  

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Triple G delay beta testing of new ORACLE LIMS (February 2003)

Analysts in Canada and the USA do not believe that the delay of the Oracle database version of ULTRA will have a significant impact on the company. 

Triple G has indicated that it has pushed back the anticipated launch of its Oracle database version of its leading ULTRA product. Triple G's management expects to formally launch the product during the summer of 2003, a delay driven by a need to focus resources on delivering a record number of existing customer implementations to schedules. The company had previously expected to start beta testing with an existing customer starting in early 2003.

Triple G have won significant NHS contracts in the UK since launching ULTRA in the UK during 2000, including the Wirral Hospitals NHS Trust and the University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust.

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Torex acquires Berkeley Computer Services (May, 2002)

Torex, a leading supplier of IT based solutions for the healthcare market, announced the acquisition of Berkeley Computer Services Ltd ("BCS") for a total consideration of £3.5 million on 9th May 2002. The consideration comprises £3.0 million in cash, together with £0.5 million in Torex ordinary shares payable on completion.  BCS will be known as Torex Laboratory Systems ltd, and the Glasgow base will aid Torex to understand more fully the specific requirements of the Scottish healthcare market.  BCS's customers will continue to be offered the systems and services of the past, plus the benefits of the Torex ongoing research and development programme.  Torex acquired the Laufenberg PROSIGHT laboratory information system, now re-named Premiere LabCentre, in December 2000.

BCS, based in Glasgow, is the second largest provider of laboratory information systems to the NHS Trust market after iSOFT plc.  BCS supplies its integrated software package, MasterLab, to some 40 NHS Trusts, representing an estimated 20% of the NHS Trust market. This substantial market share and specialist expertise of BCS will greatly accelerate Torex's entry into the UK laboratory market which began in the fourth quarter of 2001.

For the year ended 31 December 2001, BCS achieved a turnover of £2.3 million. BCS had net assets of £325,000 at 31 December 2001 and has 48 employees.

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Sonic Healthcare Limited acquires The Doctor's Laboratory (March, 2002)

Sonic Healthcare Limited (an Australian pathology and radiology private services company) has purchased The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) for A$180 million. TDL is a London-based pathology business supplying services throughout the U.K. and owns wwa-sysmed (formerly William Woodard Associates).

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Two multi-site UK LIMS contracts announced (updated March 2002)
iSOFT and Misys healthcare the winners for Path Links and WLPC

iSOFT announced on 18 February that they had been awarded the contract for the Path Links Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and will implement the APEX system. The contract will be funded from the Government's Pathology Modernisation Fund, set up to drive innovation in Pathology.  Over the next 18 months, APEX will be rolled-out as one, completely integrated system serving the five main hospital sites in Boston, Grantham, Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Lincoln, which make up the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Trust and the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

According to John O'Hara, the Project Manager at Path Links, "Having a single IT system was always seen as imperative for the success of the Path Links project. iSOFT's proven ability to implement single
APEX systems across multi-site configurations was a key factor in our choice of supplier. We also recognised their commitment to develop sample tracking facilities and other essential functionality."

Less than a month later, the West London Pathology Consortium (WLPC) contract was awarded to Misys Healthcare Systems (formerly Sunquest), to deliver
Misys Laboratory™, CoPathPlus, SMART (sample tracking) and Misys CEM™ (automatic alerting system for clinicians) with specialist multiple-hospital (MULHOS) software.  The integrated product will be implemented across the three Trusts (Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust, St Mary's NHS Trust and Chelsea & Westminster Healthcare Trust) for all pathology disciplines. This will interface with three hospital Trust patient administration systems, allowing the WLPC to replace six existing disparate systems.  Including consulting services to plan new work processes, implementation starts in April and will take approximately 12 months.

Gerald Haffenden, Acting Executive Manager of WLPC, said "Representatives from all disciplines and sites were involved in the extensive evaluation and the Misys product line best met the complex requirements of our evolving organisation.  The ability to book in specimens anywhere in the Consortium and then accurately keep track of them with true multi-site support was mandatory and these are standard features of Misys Laboratory™."

Jeremy Beacham (Pathology Manager, WLPC) commented "The ability to automatically send vital clinical pathology data, via e-mail or pagers, to clinicians using Misys Clinical Event Manager™ will bring huge benefits to patients.  Misys' approach to multi-site laboratory computing and a development strategy that matched our own vision gave us confidence in the new products.  However, as important as the functionality, was the company's reputation for providing high quality 24 hour support.  Now we have the right IT tools to help us to modernise services, we need to press on with the implementation and use them effectively.”

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MISYS announces formation of new healthcare division
(updated January 2002)
Misys concludes a busy 24 months of buying and selling LIMS companies

On 23rd January 2002 Misys plc, one of the world's top software providers, announced the creation of Misys Healthcare Systems  – a leading provider of the systems, software and services demanded by today's healthcare IT marketplace. The company has been formed from the convergence of three market-leading companies – Medic Computer Systems, Sunquest Information Systems and Home Care Information Systems (HCIS).

With revenues of nearly $400 million, Misys Healthcare Systems is one of the top five largest companies serving the healthcare IT marketplace in the US. The company's three business units will continue to build on the previous companies' expertise. The business units are:

On 25th June 2001 MISYS plc announced their intention to acquire Sunquest Information Systems.   This means that within the space of half a year MISYS have sold the leading LIMS supplier in the UK (ACT Medisys) to iSOFT plc for £25m and have now bought a leading LIMS supplier to the US and UK market for over £250m.  The sale was confirmed in August 2001.

The June press release indicated MISYS will structure Sunquest within the Misys Healthcare Group together with Medic Computer Systems, the primary care software provider.  It was also announced that there was no intention to change senior management structure or development pathway towards the major 6.0 release of Sunquest LIMS products towards the end of the year.

Background: Misys plc sold ACT Medisys Limited to iSOFT plc in December 2000 for £25m which included debts from the acquisition of the CDS Group by ACT Medisys Limited in April 2000.

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Sysmex announces joint venture with Delphic (updated September, 2001)

Sysmex, the major Japanese medical giant has invested in a 51% shareholding in Delphic Medical Systems so it can use New Zealand as a top research and development base.

Sysmex manufactures and sells diagnostic analysers, instruments and information systems for testing blood and urine. Several years ago Sysmex realised the lines between analysers and lab IT systems were blurring so they purchased a leading Belgian software company (MOLIS).  In early 2000 Sysmex became a distributor for two products from Delphic Medical Systems: Eclair (electronic clinical information repository) and Delphic AP (anatomical pathology software suite).

The agreement is also marked by a major joint research and development project initiated by Sysmex, but undertaken by Delphic in New Zealand. The project is expected to involve 10 people and is worth around half a million dollars..

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Torex Health launches PROSIGHT laboratory management system (updated September, 2001)

Torex Health is a UK based operation with a specific focus upon Healthcare Information solutions. Following the acquisition of SMS in the UK, Southern Ireland and Holland in 2000, Torex Health has the largest Hospital Information System client base in the UK with over 60 acute Trusts using Torex Health solutions. Torex Health now have full perpetual development rights to the CLINiCOM product range.

Following the acquisition of the Laufenberg Group in December 2000, Torex Health launched the PROSIGHT Laboratory Management solution at the Birmingham IBMS Congress in September 2001. Martin Wilkinson and Les Hambly (both former medical scientists) demonstrated the fully compliant Microsoft Windows system. The system handles all laboratory departments and looks flexible and functional. When asked about Torex Health's commitment to UK laboratories, a spokesman said "We will be competing for pathology laboratory computer system contracts as well as hoping to expand from our present strong PAS installed base. We know we have to convince UK laboratory staff that this modern product is right for them, and not just rely on adding PROSIGHT as an option with Torex Patient Management and Order Communication Systems".

Over the past two years a number of new or updated laboratory information systems have been launched in the UK including Cerner's HNA Millennium, Sunquest's CoPathPlus and FlexiLab version 6.x, Sysmex MOLIS, Trak Systems' LabTrak and Triple G's ULTRA.


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iSOFT to acquire Northgate healthcare business (Updated June, 2002)

iSOFT plc announced on 18 June a proposed acquisition of the healthcare business of Northgate Information Solutions plc (formerly McDonnel Douglas Information Systems) for a total of £33m. 

The Northgate Healthcare Business is a leading vendor, principally in the UK, of electronic patient record information systems to the Acute Trust segment of the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. It is the principal IT system vendor to 21 NHS Trusts and provides solutions to a further 50 NHS Trusts. It has approximately 80 employees, the majority of whom are located at leasehold properties in Warrington and Stirling, both of which will be transferred to iSOFT as part of the Northgate Healthcare Business.

The Directors believe that the acquisition of the Northgate Healthcare Business, in common with the similar, highly successful, acquisitions of ACT Medisys Limited in February 2001 and the UK and Australian operations of Eclipsys Corporation, Eclipsys Limited and Eclipsys Pty Limited in May 2001, will be of significant benefit to iSOFT. In particular, it will enable iSOFT to:

Completion of the acquisition is expected to take place on 31 July 2002.

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Pathology Messaging Implementation Project (Updated October, 2012)

This NHS project is helping the implementation of electronic access to clinical information between trusts and general practitioner computer systems. There are two distinct areas under review: the specification for GP systems and the specification for Trust systems.

First "live" implementation - quotes from the PMIP website:
The Pathology Messaging Implementation Project announced on 18 September 2001 that the new software from iSOFT for their Telepath pathology system and the new Indigo 4 Keystone software have been successfully installed at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport.

"This is the first successful implementation, and the implementation meets all of the requirements defined in PMEP V1.002. The laboratory staff at Stepping Hill Hospital have worked with the new products and have successfully completed message checking and message testing with the new online National Messaging Assurance Service (NMAS). In addition to testing the capabilities of the new commercial products the laboratory staff have alpha tested the online NMAS services.

iSOFT and Indigo 4 will now be offering this software as a supplier self declared "Solution" for use in other NHS Trusts.

Another achievement for Stockport, the suppliers and the National Pathology Messaging Project is the implementation and use of cryptography in the live PKI environment. Stockport are now working with the project team on acceptance testing of the new national cryptography service."

Feltham Associates Limited helped with the initial definition of the Trust pathology system functions specification. An article on the subject was published in the Biomedical Scientist in October 2000 (pp. 946-7) entitled "Electronic reporting of pathology results to GPs"..

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